Description API-Interface

URL interface: 


Parameter transmission method: POST

coding input and output data: UTF-8


Following parameters below necessary every request

useame - email User

apikey - your unique 32-character API-key. Lea it you can in the settings section of your account

action - the called function (in table bellow)

additional options depend by action

Action Description Parameters


(field 'message')

test Connection test no an array containing the fields:
test - ok
balance Check Your balance no an array containing the fields:
balance - balance value
check check order orderid - id order in system

orderid - id Order

name - the name of the order

service - the service code

price - the price

status - status code Order

statusText - the text of the order status

url - url ordered

count - Amount ordered

remain - the remaining amount of

add add to order

service - id service

other params depends of service you will call

orderid - id created order

price - the price

services a list of available services service - id service (not necessary) if need only one product data

category - category of service

product_name - full name of product

service - service id

price - price per quantity

params - array of data: 
    name - full name of option
    param - param requied when add order  
    required - retutn 0 - not necessary value 1 - necessary value
    valid - validation condition
    values - (if exist) values you can send 


Result of the function when error, UTF-8 encoding

the answer is as follows:


field decription
result success or error a query result
error error message when "result": "error"
message the function result, if "result": "success" or describe error if option is wrong

You can find service ID on page of product

Service ID 389 example:

    "result": "success",
    "message": [
            "category": "Instagram. Likes. ",
            "product_name": "Instagram Likes",
            "service": 389,
            "price": "0.0500 per 100",
            "params": [
                    "name": "Order link",
                    "param": "url",
                    "required": "1",
                    "valid": "value need to consist of : https://www.instagram.com  and /p/ or https://instagram.com  and /p/"
                    "name": "Amount",
                    "param": "count",
                    "required": "1",
                    "valid": "number from  50 to 10000"


Example api function in php

class to work with api smmlabaApi.php
Example of use:

balance());    print_r($api->check(123456));   
  $params = array (
            'url' => 'https://www.instagram.com/p/',
            'comments'=> 'text 1
                          text 2
                          text 3
                          text 4
                          text 5'
  print_r($api->add('instcustomcomments',  $params));?>