Facebook React ANGRY

$0.35 per 100

Facebook React HAHA

$0.35 per 100

Facebook React LOVE

$0.35 per 100

Facebook React SAD

$0.55 per 100

Facebook Shares

$1.20 per 100

Facebook Video Views

$0.22 per 1000

Facebook Marketing service

To promote a page on Facebook is to create ads for this Page, which will help to increase the visibility and accessibility of your product. The promotion allows you to quickly reach people  who are interested in your content or companies similar to yours. When you press the blue button on the "Promote" Page of the company you will be offered several options of promotion. Correctly selected promotion will help your company to reach more significant people.

Ads in Facebook

Promoting the Page with ads, you can see how your ads will look in the news feed on the PC and on mobile devices as well as in the right columnnnnnnn of Facebook. In addition, you will be able to show ads in all these placements to be more likely to reach the right audience. Depending on the purpose of advertising it is useful to use a Messenger to communicate with people who contacted you after they saw the advertisement. Why promote your Facebook Page? Advertising on Facebook allows you to set a variety of settings, and the function "Promote" enables to quickly launch promotions directly from your Page. We automatically extract the text and image to instantly create attractive advertising. All you need to do is choose the target audience and the budget.

Promotion Post

When you make up a Facebook post for promotion, take into account your local audience and what they will probably have reaction to. Specify the name of the territory or city which you target in your post in order to address to local clients and rivet their attention into the feeds. Use some good-looking picture that is attractive but not too flashy. In case there is an opportunity to select an image of your brand, do so and ignite recognition from other users. Despite the fact that one image works fine for promotion, try to change pics via media during post creation. For instance, upload a video from your phone, create a carousel post with images, or create a slideshow containing a dozen of good images. These Facebook media will enable you to inform other users with your story and demonstrate the whole set of your products.