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After placing the order, we will send a request from our agency to your page to get an advertiser role
Here how we do it: https://pt.sc/owfnt2

After you approve the request we start creating the campaign on your page, you will need to check from PC or MAC to approve the request, some mobile devices don't show the request.
Here how it should looks like: https://pt.sc/owfpjt

After you approve the request we start with creating your campaign at once. Your order should start the moment the ads are approved by Facebook. (This usually takes an hour or 2 maximum)

Buy USA Facebook Likes

If you are from the USA and you want to become popular on social media, you should use paid promotion. On our site, you can buy USA Facebook likes anonymously and at a sensible cost. This will help you to become an influencer and attract people's attention to your brand, goods and services. It is a legal and socially approved method of promotion that nearly all influencers rely on.

We recommend our customers to buy 1000 Facebook likes as a start. This will enable them to see how we work and what they can achieve with this promotional tool. Then, they can buy Facebook likes in larger quantities at any moment and repeat the procedure as often as they wish. The number of likes for their content will grow quickly but naturally.

After you buy USA Facebook page likes, it will boost your brand awareness. The audience will be impressed by the popularity of your personality, project or organization. After you buy USA Facebook post likes, your content will become more visible in the feed. The algorithms hide posts that few people are interested in but yours will be in the limelight.

Reasons to Buy USA Facebook Likes

It is not enough to post excellent content to attract people's attention on Facebook. Today, it is not a site where people come to socialize with their friends. It is a huge and versatile platform. It serves as a news aggregator, an entertainment hub and a service for e-commerce promotion.

Here are informative statistics about it:

  • Over 2.74 bln people use Facebook monthly.
  • It is the third most visited website in the world…
  • ...and the second most downloaded mobile app.
  • 63% of Americans aged 12+ use this platform.
  • Every day, 500 mln people use Facebook stories.

Without paid promotion, it is impossible to make yourself seen or heard. But if you build an efficient marketing strategy, you can make the most of Facebook. We will be glad to help you achieve your goals. We are ready to collaborate with private and business accounts.

Now, let us talk about why you should buy American Facebook likes. Firstly, the algorithms of the system know will get to know where your target audience comes from. They will make your content more visible to US users. This will increase your chances to get more American subscribers organically.

Secondly, those people who like your content because you paid them might genuinely like you. They might get interested in your products and want to order them. Also, they might tell their friends, colleagues and family members about you. Maybe, they will keep on liking your posts later even if you do not pay them for that.

Why Should I Buy Targeted Likes from SMMLaboratory?

SMMLaboratory is an established company with exceptionally talented specialists. Our loyal clients say that they choose us for the following reasons.

  • We have vast experience in the sphere of social media.
  • Our customers leave positive reviews about us.
  • With us, you can buy real USA Facebook likes. The word "real" means that we ask people and not bots to like you. Using bots goes against the rules of the system. But it is legit to hire real humans.
  • Our services are cheap — yet we never compromise on quality. We offer frequent discounts and a large range of payment options. All financial transactions are 100% secure and anonymous.
  • No one ever will get to know that you used our services.

Feel free to contact us to ask questions and receive a consultation. With our help, you will quickly become popular on Facebook. Our support team will stay in touch with you to share smart recommendations. With us, you can also order Facebook followers and comments and we offer paid promotions for other platforms too.