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FaceBook Comments

If the Facebook Page includes rating of comments then those with the most Replies or Likes, and those from friends or by default, will be displayed at the top. If the Facebook Page rating of comments is off, then they by default are displayed in the chronological order. However, the visitors and the administrators of the Page can change the display order of comments.

This rating is automatically enabled if the Page or public profile has more than 50 000 "Likes". The admins of the Facebook Page can at any time shut it down. The rating for live broadcasts is enabled regardless of the Page settings.

Facebook page moderation

You decide whether visitors can leave posts on your Page. If you allow them to do, their posts will appear on the right side of the Facebook Page in the Publications section. If you allow visitors to publish photos and videos, these may also be displayed in Photo and Video sections.

The administrator can control which Facebook comments will be visible to other visitors of the Page. You can hide them for publication, or remove them. Many companies on the Page have a Reviews tab, which contains assessment and reviews of customers. The reviews help the visitors to decide whether to use the goods or services of the company or not. Depending on the privacy settings you can publicly comment on reviews.

Order of comments

How to change the order of reviews if you are a visitor or administrator of the Page. If you are a visitor or administrator of the Facebook Page you can change the order of comments. It will only affect how comments are visible to you but not other people. Automatic filters can hide comments that have been detected as spam, including those containing words that are blocked on the Page. These comments are visible to users who manage the Page, in the gray color, but they are not visible to other users. To display the review in the gray color, if you have the administrator rights to the Page, mouse the cursor over the comment and click unhide.