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Facebook Like Button on WebSite (0.2$ for 100 Likes)
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Facebook Like button

Facebook has recently made a modification that makes people use the official Like button if a user wants the official share counts for a post on a website. Although there’s an issue: the Like button does not look very cool. It is a bit small and annoying, but it’s design is fixed. There are very few ways to customize it. The button does not even have colored themes. But the issue is not just about these limitations. The thing is that the it does not match, in terms of style, the other elements of the site. Facebook restricts such options. Is it possible to customize the Facebook like button to enhance the page appearance?

Like code hacks

The Facebook Like is difficult to change. The problem is seen on the link to the official button documentation page. The issue is that the Like button is not sort of embedded on someone's page, instead it is an embedded script that calls Facebook for the information. So now it is not possible simply go in and swap a file with a green one to make the it look green. One cannot do anything with this button. However, you can apply some simple hacks to the div in the code. In other words users can manipulate the code. For instance, you can scale up the button size by enlarging the size of the div via some CSS. It will let you customize the size of the button. The sad thing is that one cannot remove the white space. You cannot make the button longer or wider, you cannot modify colors. Just scaling is available, and even that should be done carefully.

Subscribe instead of Like

So, you cannot modify the button beyond the Facebook opportunities mentioned above. And those conce only some certain functionality, a little bit for size, and the side by side format. Look into other Facebook options, if you want more. It is even possible that the "Like" element will be completely removed, as a mechanism to subscribe to the Page and the button called "Like" will be only put under publications. And the subscription mechanism will be taken over completely by "Subscribe" . To date Facebook users click "Like" out of habit, it can be seen from the statistics of the growth of your followers and fans over the same period.