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Buy Facebook Likes

Why I need Facebook likes? Facebook is the most popular social network, where the promoted page has potentially endless opportunities in terms of eaing money. At the very least, it is the largest network platform for the distribution of goods, services, whatever. And as a maximum, a popular page, even a purely informational one, can simply place paid advertising.

That is why many users are looking for information on where and how to buy real Facebook likes. And on our Smmlaboratory website, you can buy Facebook post likes or buy 1000 Facebook likes.

From the point of view of the promotion methodology, there are many important SMM tools, for example - cheating Facebook subscribers. And with such services, everything is more or less simple, because the more subscribers, the higher the popularity of the group and, accordingly, the more attention it attracts. It's a chain reaction, especially if you buy Facebook followers in bulk.

Many questions arise regarding likes - is it necessary to buy Facebook likes? The answer is obvious - you need it, any SMM or SEO specialist with even little experience will tell you. And to explain the need for such a purchase is quite simple:

Content is the basis of promotion. But even the most interesting and unique posts can easily get lost among hundreds of thousands of equally interesting and unique posts. Therefore, they need to stand out, detach themselves from competitors, and immediately, because the news feed will not wait for anyone.

The easiest and most effective way to do this (in the sense of standing out) is to buy FB likes. Because if a person likes the post, then the post is interesting. A liked post is immediately displayed in the news feed of this person and further on an increasing basis.

Posts with the highest number of likes have priority in search results. They spread faster among the target audience because your target audience directly likes them and automatically tells their contacts about this news.

But there is another, much more important aspect. It is based on the Social Proof principle. This is a psychological principle that has been used in the practice of world management for a couple of thousand years, and it says that people always choose what is more popular.

Imagine that you have two posts on the same topic, but one has three hundred likes, and the other has thirty. It is obvious which one you choose. And this is logical, it works always and everywhere. That is why buy real Facebook likes is a demanded and necessary service.

Of course, there are nuances. For example, you need to understand that the cheapest Facebook likes will not organically expand the audience specifically among your actual followers. And they will not spread this news among their contacts, because the wrapping will be done by bots.

Whoever tells you anything, but not a single SMM service can physically have several thousand or at least hundreds of employees to provide a massive boost. Therefore, if you order a service, say, cheat friends on Facebook, and you are told that they will be real people, then you are simply deceived in an attempt to justify the inflated price tag.

But, in this case, we don't need real people, because the purpose of shop FB likes is a) to immediately detach from competitors;

b) make sure that the same trigger "Social Proof" works. The bots perform both tasks, as they say, one hundred percent.

What likes mean today?

We still haven't figured out if alike is approval, flattery, or a way to get attention. But we know for sure that the next "thumbs up" or heart causes an increase in heart rate and a desire to spend an extra minute on the social network.

What like today can mean:



agreement with the point of view of the author;

the desire to attract attention;

desire to advertise yourself.

It is easy to understand that with likes we show not only loyalty but sometimes we put them under the influence of other emotions.

This can be easily traced in the accounts of media personalities. "Zvezda" publishes a post made literally "on the knee", but after 10 minutes the number of likes exceeded a thousand. If a beginner blogger published similar content, it would hardly be admired by so many people.

Today it is clear that the more likes on the social network, the more bonuses the author has. New people start to subscribe to it, offers from advertisers appear, and self-esteem grows.

Many bloggers fight for every like because it allows them to ea money.

Interesting! Experts say that people sometimes give likes because they have no other option to respond.

For example, the user cannot express their negative emotions or disagreement with the author. He could write a comment and enter into a discussion with other users, but there is no time for that. All that remains is to like it. By the way, Facebook today has nice bonuses for such cases - reactions.

You can "get angry", "sympathize" or even "laugh". This gives you more room to evaluate content. Perhaps similar solutions will appear on other social networks.

Things to keep in mind when buying permanent Facebook likes

Likes are only bought for targeted content. That is, there is simply no point in increasing the number of "hearts" under the old photo in the community archive.

Usually, we are talking about relevant posts in the news feed. But often business pages, having bought cheap Facebook fan page likes, think that they have got their hands on the secret of success, and then, when the audience practically does not grow, they bite their elbows, not understanding what the matter is.

In reality, likes for sale is not a panacea. This is a mandatory step and it is effective, but only in combination with other promotion mechanisms. If everything were that simple, the value of Facebook as a network site would drop to zero. And if you want to make money on advertising or increase your target audience, also, to pay for likes, think about this:

Uninteresting and non-unique content will not become interesting and unique just because of the large number of likes.

Buying likes won't help if you're just reposting someone's news or doing a low-quality rewrite.

Your posts should be practical or funny and make you smile.

If this is information for the sake of information, if posts are uninteresting and poorly formatted, they will not be read.

Nobody reads long texts, it is necessary to dilute them with lists, bullets, photo, video, audio information.

The regularity of posts (2-3 per day), the use of keys and hashtags is conceptually important.

Also, do not forget about the prime time of your target audience and time zones, if you are targeting a specific region.

These are just the basics, basic guidelines, missing which you risk being left with nothing. But if you post regularly and correctly, then the service "buy Facebook likes" will not only be useful but can provide you with an increase in subscribers of 46% in just the first week. This is a rough statistic, but it gives a clear answer to the question of how important the likes are for a successful promotion.

Simple Facebook Marketing Tips

Let's take a look at 10 of the most effective ways to make your Facebook page more engaging to your followers.

1. Profile design

2. Recommending related pages

3. Sunday publications

If you want to grab the attention of users, post it on Saturday and Sunday.

4. Use graphics and images

5. Highlighting publications

6. Open messages

7. Correct management

8. Physical address in the profile

9. Link to your page

10. Organization of events

Conducting various presentations, promotions and other events is a fairly popular marketing ploy today. Moreover, such events are a great opportunity to increase the audience of your page.

Create events on Facebook: this will increase the number of subscribers and help them not to forget about the upcoming event.

We offer the most flexible service and all conditions so that you can comfortably and quickly, and most importantly, safely increase the popularity of your page. Therefore, buying subscribers to the page (Facebook) from us is a logical step for someone who is not used to overpaying and counts on a guaranteed result.