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When Facebook says your page has hundreds of views, they count the number of times a video is watched for more than 3 seconds. 30 second views is the number of times a video is watched for half a minute. Almost 97% of users watch video less than 30 seconds. That number makes nearly all the users. The number of views changes when you take into account the autoplay. There is still some difference of those users who click to play to view a video.

Creative bloggers, talented artists, associations and production companies actively promote their products via online videos. This is an effective way to become popular or successful in business.

Advantages of views drive-up

Facebook is one of the most effective sites for video content, a social network with 2 billion users. With its popularity it competes with sought-after video-sharing websites. The number of views of clips can easily exceed a million and attract attention of investors and advertisers. To heighten interest to the content on Facebook pages can be achieved via professional drive-up.

Increasing number of video views on Facebook: quality guarantee

Promotion of recommendations for viewing in such a popular network, like Facebook, depends on the number of users who watched the video. We offer expert assistance in driving up the number of views in this network. Our advantages:

Promotion via views

Professional drive-up helps your video go to TOP ranking, and provides the target audience with the access to information. In Facebook, you can organize the promotion in accordance with any criteria. Your video will be seen by a certain group of users according to their age and geographical location. This makes the promotion targeted and effective. The content will be reviewed by Facebook subscribers who are interested in buying the product or getting information of a certain kind.