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In the past 2 years we have proved to our customers we are the best at what we do. Till now, we have helped more than 7200 bloggers, small business, analyst, big brands and music artists.

Our main motive is to get you real Google Plus followers so you can have engagement. Whatever you share on your profile will be read by your followers. This is what we offer when you buy from us.

Your followers have followed you on their own on the first place and there are no chances they will unfollow you in the future. But still we do not have control over them what they are going to do in future as all of them are real. If any case if they unfollowe you we will send new followers according to our retention policy which is valid for 1 year after the date of placing order.

We advise our customers at least put an image and cover either of their brand and their own (depending on whether your profile is business or personal).