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Instagram Impressions (0.02$ for 100 Impressions)
This service automatically, starts immediately after ordering.
Instagram Reach on Photo (0.15$ for 100 Reach)
This service automatically, starts immediately after ordering.
Instagram Reach on Video (0.15$ for 100 Reach)
This service automatically, starts immediately after ordering.
Instagram Saves (0.03$ for 100 Saves)
This service automatically, starts immediately after ordering. Live users from countries around the world will save your publications with Instagram. The number of saving will be visible in the statistics of business accounts (which have statistics for each record), which is available only to account holders. Remember, in order to save correctly the profile must be open! If you have a closed profile, open it before ordering!

Save Instagram videos

Instagram enables you to get on with friends, acquaintances, and sometimes totally unknown people. We go into the feeds and begin to passionately or indifferently give likes to some mediocre or great photos and videos. It is not a problem to take a screenshot or save an image, but as for videos, saving is not easy. The web suggests several ways to download Instagram videos to be shared and archived. Despite the fact we have plenty of social networks and metrical tools, sometimes it seems to be hard to get the drift of your data. Instagram provides a splendid opportunity to share your content and intercommunicate with your audience. Since the first days of Instagram its users have shared over forty bln saved photos and videos. The present Instagram comprises around eight hundred mln active users. Most of the users are not American citizens. Half of businesses registered on the service have an Instagram Story.

Instagram impressions

Impressions is a feature that shows how many times user's content has been demonstrated. And it does not matter whether the saved video was clicked or not. An impression proves that the post was delivered to the required feed. Moreover, a user is not obliged to interact with the post for the latter to be counted as an impression. Some people confuse an impression with a reach. Impression is how many times a user's content is seen in total. If the number of impressions is higher than that of reach, it means the audience watch the content several times. Try to find posts with good impressions ratio to see which one performs well.

How to save Instagram Videos to PC

Please check the source code of the video page. Then extract the download link. Download the video from the Instagram onto your PC. To do that, first, open the Instagram video that you want to save, then give a right-click and choose "Inspect element". Then click "Ctrl"+"F" and open Find feature, and go to ".mp4". You will see a section of code open. Copy the link which is right near the "src=", and paste the link to another tab. After that the video will begin to play. Then right-click on the video and choose "Save video as..." to save the content on your PC.