Instagram Likes

$0.05 per 100

Instagram Likes (fast)

$0.09 per 100

Buy Instagram Likes

The service provides likes from real Instagram accounts. Pretty seriously. Likes come from actually existing pages and not from some ghost users. Every like provided by the service comes from a living Instagram user. Your kudos will be delivered to you without delay. As in, the buyer can see the new number on the heartshape at once. As soon as an order is placed, popularity starts being driven up. Once you start buying you will be surprized by the number of likes on your posts. You could never do it by yourself alone even if you were extremely patient.

Adjust the buying

Anyone can buy this splendid service for not more than 1 dollar and enjoy the popularity. Moreover a user can buy popularity from the place he wants, be it Singapore or Tanzania. The buyer does not have to worry about the frequence of upload. The service will be delivered regularly every half a minute. Besides, what is not unimportant, a buyer can select the gender if his product is intended mostly for male or female users. In case you believe your post deserves just a certain number of likes you can control how many times your post will be liked. Buyers can even set the pace with which their post get Instagram likes, slow it down or speed it up depending on your preferences. Anyway by addressing to the Support you will can change and adjust the process to your need. An Instagram user can stop the likes delivery any time he wants. To buy or to stop the service does not require to sign or break any contracts.

Banning for Instagram likes

The packages will be provided for the needs of the users. A buyer will find something that suits him, and there is no difference whether he wants to buy kudos for his personal Instagram account or some corporate account. A buyer will not be banned for using additional likes. Taking into consideration that a buyer does not need to provide his personal information, he can purchase the service. If buying likes and followers caused banning or blocking, then Instagram accounts were to be closed. But that is not possible.