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Instagram like any other online media systems keeps changing. It is getting more sophisticated, attracting more and more people to sign up and is really popular nowadays. Video is one of the options available in this media resource and it is not just a pleasure but a feasible tool to be used.

What video views are for

Each view is taken into account if it is viewed for at least 3 seconds. It is well known that Instagram prefers displaying popular posts. This information can help you use the metric and increase the reach. Instagram videos show how many times the post has been watched and it is virtually not possible to cheat the views. Even if someone wants to try he would get to watch the video ones again as many times as he wants it to be counted. To see the users that liked your video, click 'X Views’ counter. It will demonstrate who liked your post.

How you get more Instagram views

If you want more viewers on Instagram first of all lea how to use hash-tags. Hash tags have to be working to push your product to the realm you are interested in. But before that, do not forget to do a profound research. And add some subject related to the post. Such subject will get more views. Then follow the people following your field.Talk to your audience, make it engaged in the process. Once involved they are certain to wish to see what you post. If you get lucky they might share your post.Another way is to provide a good description. Instagram is all about pics and videos in the feeds. And when you see a description contains a common spelling mistake, it discourages from viewing the video. In other words your description may decide whether a user is going to watch the video or scroll down. Instagram adverts cost real money. And they do get Instagram video views. A video, intended to become frontmost, needs the “video views” option. These adverts can assist to get relevant users. Instagram adverts have proved to be efficient from the very beginning. Be sure that combining the above-mentioned methods, some thoroughly prepared content will increase Instagram video views.