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Google Play and App Store reviews

Google Play and App Store promotion services are primarily aimed at mobile application developers. The mobile software market is growing exponentially. This became relevant due to a significant increase in sales of mobile equipment.

Google Play and App Store reviews cheat

Most developers resort to additional stimulation of user interest in their projects. The ability to buy comments and reviews in smartphone app stores will greatly speed up the process of promoting your product. 

App Store Review Boost is an effective marketing tool needed by developers of software for Apple devices. Even before downloading a free application, any person pays attention to the rating of the program and its assessment by other users. To form a positive reputation, it is necessary that users who download the program rate it highly and leave positive comments about its work.  

The result of the successful promotion of the App Store and Google Play is a significant increase in the number of downloads and, accordingly, an increase in the position of your mobile application. 

Google Play promotion by real users

We involve real people who will give the program a high rating and write a custom review for a small fee. 

In order for Apstor promotion to be successful, the performer needs to know what to write about and how to correctly present information. This completely depends on the accuracy of the assignment: it is important for the customer to correctly determine the focus group and indicate the requirements for reviews that are of interest to him. Specify the age range of the intended commentators, country of residence, gender, as well as other criteria by which the performers of your order will be selected.  

Requests for writing reviews about programs are accepted around the clock on the pages of the SMM Laba website. For regular customers, we have developed a special discount program that will allow you to spend less money on buying comments.