Vimeo Likes (4$ = 100 Likes)

$4.00 per 100

Vimeo Views (1.5$ = 1000 Views)

$0.15 per 100

Vimeo promotion via likes, views and subscribers

Vimeo started its service with free accounts. Each user could start self promotion by uploading to 20 MB a week. Later the limit was changed to 30 MB, and then to 250 MB in 2007. Now you can have 5 GB for Basic accounts. If your promotion exceeded this limit before it was implemented, you can preserve your uploaded videos, but the system does not allow uploading new videos. Just like YouTube users, Vimeo subscribers can put likes and view videos online.

Get enthusiastic by Vimeo promotion

For video enthusiasts, YouTube is the largest video custodian on the Inteet, but it is more of a video blogging service and a way of promotion for musicians. To compile filmmakers portfolio it is better to use Vimeo. This service was invented by filmmakers for filmmakers, it is more simple and clear than YouTube, although the latter is the most frequently liked on the Inteet, the number of subscribers per month exceeds 800 million, and the downloaded video per minute – 72 hours. But do not rush to make hasty conclusions, because these frightening figures do not necessarily mean superiority in work.

Gain with paid likes, views and subscribers

Vimeo is liked by a much smaller audience, but it is rather an advantage for subscribers, because they have the opportunity for promotion among their fellow filmmakers and be sure that the video will be viewed, YouTube subscribers has much less such chances. Vimeo boasts that it has 70 million visitors a month, but this place is a favorite for those who are really interested to view quality video.  On Vimeo you will definitely not view a video of a man dancing in a penguin costume, here you will view more serious and aesthetic videos. Also a big advantage of Vimeo is absence of advertising and distracting banners, which recently irritates most Inteet users. To enjoy more your profiles you can go to our website and purchase likes, views and subscribers. Normally subscribers treat Vimeo with respect, with they will be fond of this platform, since your promotion will happen naturally and quickly.