Soundcloud share

Nowadays anyone can use the SoundCloud tool for iPhone, iPad and Android to make simple audio recordings. You just need to download the free SoundCloud app. Once the app is installed, simply press the "Record" button to start recording audio. Once you get the shape of the sound wave, you can trim, edit (or delete) your recording directly from your mobile device. Next, you can make your recording visible only to yourself or to everyone, and the app will share it with your friends and subscribers on SoundCloud.

Share a recording via SoundCloud

To edit more complex audio files that use multichannel recordings, you can use a custom app, which allows you to record, edit, and upload files directly to the SoundCloud website. Once you've created an audio clip on SoundCloud, the site gives you the ability to share your post on different social networks, create a link to the clip, insert a widget on your website or blog, or generate a WordPress code for the post. Here is the latest selection of widgets that you can adapt to what you need and embed on the site. For record: If your account on SoundCloud is associated with the account on Facebook, all your activity on SoundCloud will  be broadcast on your wall on Facebook by default.

Buy shares and promote your tracks

If you have multiple audio files that can be grouped into a single category, you can add them to the "set" in one wave, which will be displayed on your SoundCloud page so that the themes are consistent with the context for your listeners. You can share your sets, as well as set the status "like" or share sets of other users. To add an entry to the set, click the Add to Set button under the entry, and then select the set to which you want to add your file. If you want to increase the number of shares on your Soundcloud account go to our website and choose the tariff to your liking. Additional shares will provide more popularity of your profile and therefore your creativity. So want you need is to compose music and make sure your masterpieces get acknowledged by as many listeners as possible.