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Telegram - StoreBot.Me (2$ for 10 Votes)
This service automatically, starts immediately after ordering. The service of cheating the bot rating in the bot catalog. The service is only suitable for bots, which are already added to this directory!
Telegram - (2$ for 10 Votes)
This service automatically, starts immediately after ordering. The service of cheating channels rating in the directory. The service is only suitable for channels that have already been added to this directory!

Telegram ratings

Telegram is a simple and convenient messager, which instantly synchronizes communication between all devices. The service is on the wave of popularity, both in the CIS and in English-speaking countries. The account is linked to a mobile phone number, in order to log in via a computer you just need to log in. You will be sent an SMS with a confirmation code.

Before you download Telegram consider its main functions and features:

  • The ability to create a personal, group and secret chat;
  • Creating communities and channels;
  • Set of various stickers and GIF-animations;
  • Special security and privacy measures for anti-theft chats and calls;
  • Completely free service without ads;

This program is a tool for unlimited and fast messaging. In conclusion, we would especially like to emphasize the feature that distinguishes Telegram among other messengers and that is confidentiality. If you don't want to save any messages with the contact, you can set them to self-destruct every 10 seconds. We recommend everyone to download Telegram for free.

How to calculate ratings

Rating is built in accordance with the average number of views of post on a Telegram channel. The analysis contains channels in the Russian language. The analysis includes posts, containing text content and published within the period of the research. The build-up of the rating excludes those channels that contained less than 10 posts. The rating calculation excludes posts, that contained reposts from other channels. The data on the quantity of views are valid by the time the rating is prepared.

Our Telegram rating promotion benefits

We provide a professional approach which includes:

  • registering in catalogs and improving indexing
  • saving time, no need to create bots
  • live accounts will keep the profile non-banned
  • we involve target audience
  • our service is safe and reliable

Smmlaboraroty is supposed to provide its service any hour of the day. We offer low prices, easy methods of payment and warranty to perform the order.