Telegram - Auto Views on 30 days (Arab)

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30 days

$12.00 per 1000

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Arab countries

Execution speed

Up to 10.000 per day

Start speed

1-6 Hour



Buy Telegram Auto Views on 30 days from Arab countries

🔗 Link Format :

✅ Public and Private Channel
✅ The channels are automatically connected, the connection time is 4-6 hours, usually faster !
✅ Channels connect from 200 subscribers , if channel doesn't have 200 subscribers , userbot will join the channel , don't delete it .
✅ If the link is incorrect or violates the rules below the order will be marked as "complete".
✅ Limit no more than 25 posts per day. Not connected channels - po, scam, banned substances, channels distributing copyright content - music, movies.
✅ Channels in the settings with a closed copy are not connected


⚠️ Do not submit multiple orders for the same link until your first order is fully delivered
⚠️ If the link is changed, your order will be considered as completed without refund
⚠️Each photo in a post = 1 post